11 Must Have Traditional Iftar Food Items of Any Ramadan Feast

Itfar Food Items

Find out 11 Must Have Traditional Iftar Food Items of Any Ramadan Feast. Ramadan keeps the tradition alive, the fruit sellers alongside the food stalls take their places at the time of iftar, and there is a non-stop rush at these stalls and eating places. The eating places provide special offers and programs for Sehri and Iftar within the holy month of Ramadan. The religious activities also are at its height in peak along with the prices of the basic meals items. The month of Ramadan brings in many excitement, benefits, peace, and food treats or even earlier than the month starts people start making plans on what different to prepare during Ramadan throughout the month despite the rising prices. Ramadan menu ideas and food recipes are being searched through the net, books, and magazines. In this article, we attempted to compile the scrumptious and mouthwatering Ramadan lavish options that you can enjoy:

Must Have Traditional Iftar Food Items


Pakora in Ramadan

Pakoras are savory snacks that not only provide you a very appetizing flavor but also serves rich health benefits. These may be determined in all styles and sizes throughout the country. It is the perfect for Ramadan iftar menu.


Kachori in ramadan 2016

Kachori– a flaky, crisp deep fried pastry packed with spiced peas, chicken, mince filling. Kachori is mostly known as the fried & flaky pastry. These are like spiced empanadas. Mouthwatering? Is not they?

Dahi Baray

Dahi Baray in ramadan 2016

Delicious and yummy Dahi Baray, are dumplings from Moong and mash dhal (lentils) and then soaked in yogurt sauce, an easy and traditional snack for Ramadan in iftar.


chaat in ramadan 2016

Chaat is also a demandable dish during Ramadan. At iftar time, there are many types of chaat recipe like fruit chaat recipe, chana chaat, pakora chaat and plenty of more those are delicious and easy to cook.


Sandwich in ramadan 2016

Scrumptious sandwich recipes start with fresh home baked bread and excessive quality natural ingredients, mix with yummy sauce. Therefore, you must attempt an extensive range of sandwiches in Ramadan.

Vegetable and Chicken Roll

chicken and vegetable rolls ramadan

Who doesn’t love hot fried rolls? Colorful veggies roll with a striking taste of soya sauce are a great choice for iftar menu. It’s very clean to cook dinner and scrumptious in flavor. While Spring roll stuffed with chicken, ensure maximum freshness of taste.


Jalabies in Ramadan

This Ramadan has hot crispy jalabies.It tastes perfect when served hot. You should surely add this to a sweet dish.

Gulab Jaman

Gulab Jaman in Ramadan

Gulab Jaman is most eaten customary sweet. I can safely guarantee that you have not lived until you have tried gulab jamans. Ramadan dishes are incomplete without gulab jaman.

Rass Malai

Ras Malai in Ramadan

Try ras malai this Ramadan. It’s sweet milky flavor will excite your taste buds.


Rass Gulla in Ramadan

Its flavor makes it a unique and tasteful. The sweetness of the Ras Malai will tantalize your taste buds with its amazing sweet flavor.

Lal Sharbat

Lal Sharbat in Ramadan

This sweet red syrup will keep you refresh, healthy, active, energetic and hydrated in summer Ramadan. It cools down your temperature. It can be used with water or milk. Add into your menu and have a soulful experience.

Doodh Soda

Dhood Soda in Ramadan

You can place this refreshing, healthy, and speedy drink on your iftar table. This will help to overcome dehydration.


Khajoor in Ramadan

Khajoor is an essential a part of Ramzan. Three dates taken at the time of iftar have advantages for health and maintaining energy level. It enables in getting fiber that helps in digestion of food. Its best to take in Iftar with having many blessings.

Milk Shake and Fruit Shake

Milkshake in Ramadan

Milkshake nourishes bodies and keeps away from health issues. As much as possible, keep on with those foods that help to keep us fit. You can make strawberry, mango, banana milkshake this Ramadan. Both children and adults will enjoy this nutritious drink.

Skanjween (Lemonade)

Skanjween lemonade in ramadan

As an energizing drink, lemonade helps you to stay relaxed and cool. It is not the appetite that gets to you after a long summer fasting; It is the thirst. Therefore, the first thing we swallow down is some form of sweet drink most commonly, lemonade. So complete your Ramadan menu with this refreshing drink.

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