University of Engineering and Technology – UET Lahore

University of Engineering and Technology

University of Engineering and Technology (UET) main campus is located on the GT road, near the Shalimar Gardens. The institution was established as Mughalpura Technical College in 1921. Then in 1923 the Governor of the Punjab Sir Edwards Maclagan changed it to the Maclagan Engineering College. He also laid the foundation stone

Naqsh School of Arts

Naqsh School of Arts

The Naqsh School of Arts is the best and old institute of art work in Lahore. It is Located next to the founding family’s haveli in Bhatti gate. It was created to preserve the classical art form of the Mughal miniature. Babar Ali Foundation is the founder of this school. Naqash School of Arts Naqsh seeks to preserve

Excellence of Government College University Lahore

Government College University Lahore is a modern, demand-driven, futuristic, quality conscious and affordable public university. More than 152 years glorious history along with hundred of thousands of alumni of various nationalities, who attained the heights of their professional Careers. In 2002, The Government College was renamed as Government College University

Punjab University – The Glorious Institute

University of the Punjab

When we talk about Top universities of Pakistan, Punjab University comes on 1st number. According to the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Punjab University is one of the top ranked general universities in Pakistan. Established in October, 1882, it's a public university. The President of this university is Mujahid Kamran. Many major

Best MCAT and ECAT academies in Lahore

MCAT and ECAT Academies in Lahore

Nowadays students are more interested in taking admission in Top universities and for those universities all they need is a good merit. There is no other way to get admission and the only way to get admission is that you laid down on the merit and merit of these universities

Top Book Shops and Book Stores of Lahore

bookshops of lahore

In the cultural heart of Pakistan, Lahore, bookshops of Lahore remain a few that can boast of having served generation after generation of book lovers. Reading is the best way to improve your mind and with the growth of Internet retailers over the last fifteen years and the convenience of click-and-buy, people

10 Best Institutes for Short Courses in Lahore

If you have clear your minimum qualifications i.e. Matric and wanted to get short course diploma in technical Educations then check out the best institutes for short courses in Lahore. Short Courses are beneficial to the students as well as to those who have just started their career and want

F.C College Lahore and its vital role in Education in Pakistan

Established in 1864, Forman Christian college known as F.C College Lahore is one of the oldest college Lahore. It is well known and reputed research and chartered university positioned in the inhabited area of Lahore, Punjab. It is one of the leading colleges on the sub-continent. F.C college Lahore is

Best Public Libraries of Lahore

Book reading is essential for the personal development in life. No one can gain knowledge without consulting good books. Reading habits are lead to a nation on the path of success. Schools, colleges, universities, and libraries are the hub of knowledge. Unfortunately, these are all sectors ignored continuously by the

Top 10 Tuition Centers and Academies in Lahore

Parents are so worried about their children that how can their child get admission in top universities. Now parents can relief their all stress and worries for the admission of their child in the top colleges or Universities of the Pakistan or outside the Pakistan. When students go for academies,