University of Engineering and Technology – UET Lahore

University of Engineering and Technology

University of Engineering and Technology (UET) main campus is located on the GT road, near the Shalimar Gardens. The institution was established as Mughalpura Technical College in 1921. Then in 1923 the Governor of the Punjab Sir Edwards Maclagan changed it to the Maclagan Engineering College. He also laid the foundation stone

Shalimar Garden – Great Example of Mughal Architecture

The Shalimar Garden was built by the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. It is a great example of Mughal architecture. The construction of the garden started in 1641 A.D. and it was completed in a year. It was used as the Royal pleasure Garden during 16th to the 19th century. The Shalimar Garden is located

Colonial Era Architecture of Lahore

The subcontinent was ruled by the British during 1857-1947 during which they left an impact in the region. They bring changes to the common man life, local customs, norms & values, improving infrastructure and many other positive impacts. And they also add a new dimension to the architectural side of

Named as Architect of Lahore- Contributions of Sir Ganga Ram

The Architecture of Lahore reflects the history of Lahore and is remarkable for its variety and uniqueness. There are buildings left from the centuries ago the rule of the Mughal Dynasty, the Sikh Empire, as well as from the era of the British Raj, whose style is a mixture of