Punjab University – The Glorious Institute

University of the Punjab

When we talk about Top universities of Pakistan, Punjab University comes on 1st number. According to the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Punjab University is one of the top ranked general universities in Pakistan. Established in October, 1882, it's a public university. The President of this university is Mujahid Kamran. Many major

Top 5 Engineering Universities in Lahore

If we want our country and economy to get back on track we need to fix the education system for math and science related degrees. Lahore is known as the city of Education, there are many Engineering Universities in Lahore which produce well-trained and talented Engineers. Growth happens when people

Top 5 Law Colleges In Lahore

Law Colleges in Lahore

There are certain professions that have always carried a level of prestige. The respect and prestige associated with being a lawyer has always been tricky. On the one hand, they garner a lot of hatred because of a reputation for dishonesty and feeding on misery, but on the other hand,

Top 10 Universities of Lahore

There are number of educational institutes, colleges and universities in Lahore. Every university is having own values, education system, plus points and negative points,  but some are really highly distinguished academic Universities of Lahore. So we compiled list of top 10 universities of Lahore. Its not the official rating and there are