Ali Mardan Khan Tomb

Ali Mardan Khan Tomb

Ali Mardan Khan was the Safavid governor of Qandahar. He had been in obligation with his revenues. Shah Tahmasp requested him to appear at the court. He desired the assistance from the governor of Kabul. The commander of Ghazni surrendered Qandahar to the Mughals in 1638. He took refuge in Delhi.

Jani Beg Tomb

Jani Beg Tomb

History of Jani Beg Tomb Jani Beg Tomb is near Shalamar Gardens. The tomb had been constructed in the reign of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah. The dome has beautiful porcelain tiles of blue and yellow color. The pyramidal dome sits a top a low height neck. It is decorated with pottery work in

Cypress Tomb (Sarvwala Maqbara)

Cypress Tomb

Cypress Tomb or Sarvwala Maqbara, built mid-18th century. It holds the body of Sharfun Nisa Begum. She was the sister of Nawab Zakaria Khan Mughal. Cypress Tomb is located about 200 meters north of Dai Anga's tomb. Its name derives from the cypress tree ornamentation on the upper portion of the tomb

Javed Manzil – Allama Iqbal Museum

Javed Manzil

Its one of the Lahore's national monument and has been converted to museum known as Javed Manzil, once home of poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal. It was a beautiful residence of Allama Iqbal, he came back to Lahore and started living here after getting his higher education from Britain and Germany.

Shalimar Garden – Great Example of Mughal Architecture

The Shalimar Garden was built by the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. It is a great example of Mughal architecture. The construction of the garden started in 1641 A.D. and it was completed in a year. It was used as the Royal pleasure Garden during 16th to the 19th century. The Shalimar Garden is located

Dai Anga Tomb & Mosque

Dai Anga Tomb and Mosque are two famous and popular masterpieces of Mughal Empire situated in Lahore. Zaib-un-Nisa popularly known as Dai Anga was a foster mother of Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan. Her husband was Murad Khan who served as Magistrate during the rule of Mughal Emperor Jehangir. Her son

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Named as Architect of Lahore- Contributions of Sir Ganga Ram

The Architecture of Lahore reflects the history of Lahore and is remarkable for its variety and uniqueness. There are buildings left from the centuries ago the rule of the Mughal Dynasty, the Sikh Empire, as well as from the era of the British Raj, whose style is a mixture of