Cypress Tomb (Sarvwala Maqbara)

Cypress Tomb

Cypress Tomb or Sarvwala Maqbara, built mid-18th century. It holds the body of Sharfun Nisa Begum. She was the sister of Nawab Zakaria Khan Mughal. Cypress Tomb is located about 200 meters north of Dai Anga's tomb. Its name derives from the cypress tree ornamentation on the upper portion of the tomb

Javed Manzil – Allama Iqbal Museum

Javed Manzil

Its one of the Lahore's national monument and has been converted to museum known as Javed Manzil, once home of poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal. It was a beautiful residence of Allama Iqbal, he came back to Lahore and started living here after getting his higher education from Britain and Germany.

Poets and Intellectuals of Lahore

Lahore being the heart of Pakistan housed some of the country’s biggest universities and colleges as well was renowned education system specially with institutes such as Aitchison College and Government College. With such institutes, the city was prone to produce jewels in the form of poets and intellectuals. One of the all