NASA Reveals why Lahore is Blanketed with Deadly Smog!

Reasons of Smog

Lahore on Wednesday stay covered in thick Smog, heavily loaded with contamination which influenced the air quality. We didn’t know the actual reason of the Lahore Smog earlier but we have exposed the reason now. NASA has discovered new information about the leading reasons of  Smog that’s engulfing Lahore these

Weather Alert: Dense Smog in Lahore

Dense smog in Lahore

Residents of Lahore woke up to a thick cover of smog on Wednesday dated 2nd November, 2016 that diminished visibility for travelers and prompted several complaints of breathing problems and mental anguish. It resembles Lahore is turned into a gas chamber, a harmful cloud of chemicals and smoke enveloping the

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Lahore

Chinese Restaurants in Lahore

It’s observed that a number of Chinese Restaurants have been launched in Lahore during past couple of years, which raised the competition across the city. Chinese restaurants in Lahore are offering you your favorite Chinese food with the tasty and fresh meal in the amazing and comfortable environment. 1. DYNASTY Dynasty Restaurant is

Top 5 Star Hotels in Lahore

Top 5 Star Hotels in Lahore

1. Pearl Continental Hotel  Star rating: 5 Location: Mall Road, Lahore Total Rooms: 485 Rates: (Approximately) Single Room: Standard Room: Rs:12000/- ; Deluxe Room: Rs: 16000/- Double Room: Standard Room: 15000/- ; Deluxe Room: Rs: 18000/- Contact Info: Tel:+92(42) 3636-0210, 111-505-505 Fax:+92(42) 3636-2760, 3636-4362 2. Avari Hotel Lahore Star rating: 5 Location: Mall Road, Lahore Total Rooms: 188 Rates: (Approximately) Single Room: Standard Room: Rs:13000/- Double Room: Standard Room: