Fresh Juices and Shakes Spots in Lahore

Juices and Shakes Spots in Lahore

You can take juice or shake from any place but from where you can discover more hygienic juice or shakes. Individuals dependably want to drink juice from that spots from where they can get crisp and hygienic squeeze or shake. Your body needs juices uncommonly when you buckle down however in the event that juice is not fresh or hygienic than in what capacity will it impact in your body. For every one of these disarrays and things here is the most hygienic Juices and Shakes Spots in Lahore. From where you can have fresh and hygienic squeezes or shakes.

Gloria Jean’s Coffee

Gloria jean’s coffee is well known for coffee yet its shakes and fresh juice are likewise celebrated among the general population. Gloria jeans are one of most out developing the brand in Pakistan. It started in 2007 and today it is by a wide margin the biggest international coffee and shakes chain not in Lahore, in the entire Pakistan. In the event that you are chocolate beau and you need the best shake off the Town then Gloria Jean’s is the best Alternative of it. Not just their shakes are ideal, they serve crisp and appropriate mix juice to their clients. Chilled juice won’t simply make you sound; it will make you crisp also.


Espresso Chillers

  •         Vanilla Chiller
  •         Crème Brulee
  •         VOLTAGE
  •         COCO LOCO
  •         COOKIES ‘N CREAM
Over Iced
  •         GJC’S ICED COFFEE
  •         ICED LATTE
  •         ICED MOCHA
  •         ICED TEA
  •         ITALIAN SODA
Fruit Chillers
  •         Strawberry
  •         Mixed Berry
  •         Mango

25-A / B-II, Mehmood Kasuri Road, Hussain Chowk, Gulberg III, Lahore
+92 333 5727506

The Shake Factory

The Shake factory name compresses everything what the shake production line about. They don’t convey simply common shake, they convey the best shake in the town. They have the wide assortment of flavors and you can have your own decision of shake. The best thing is whichever shake you pick that will be the best shake you will ever have. The best thing is they have each sort of shake in their production line for their clients.


  •        Dairy Milk
  •         After Eight
  •         Mar’s
  •         Snickers
  •         M&M’s
  •         Skittles
  •         Reeses
  •         Ferrero Rocher
  •         Rice Krispies
  •         Peanut Butter
  •         Foxes Fruits
  •         Eclairs
  •         Chocolate Fudge Brownie
  •         Dewberry blueberry

31, Sector T, DHA Phase 2
042 35707648 , 042 35707649

Smoothie Factory Pakistan

Smoothie factory is well known for crisp smoothies and new crushed juices. Their ice cream shakes are likewise too great. Smoothie factory really established in 1996 however in 2008 it came in Pakistan and gets to be one of best smoothie and juice corner in Lahore. They utilize high caliber and clean elements for making the smoothies and juices. The best thing about them is the way displays the smoothie or juice that you need to drink the entire juice in one taste.

92 AB/1 M.M Alam Road, Gulberg III, Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
+92 42 35778358

Hafiz Juice Corner

Hafiz juice corner is not so greater in space but rather they are so popular among the understudies. Understudies are constantly favored sensible things which are not all that expensive and make them fresh. Hafiz Juice corner are doing this occupation for understudies. It is arranged close Anarkali. Understudies from GCU, PU and Lord Edward go there for having the best squeeze in the Lahore. Not simply squeeze they have best shakes too. The best thing about them is they generally utilize new fixings and make everything in front of their clients. That is the reason their clients like to go there for having the juice or shake.

old anarkali the mall road lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
+92 312 8881888


Gostoso is situated in Faisal town which is also one of the most famous juice corners in Lahore. If people want to have a fresh juice then they never go small places. Gostoso take care about their customer and serve them fresh juice. They make sure about their customer’s health and need and they serve according to their need.

24-A Main Fasil town near Faysal hospital, Lahore, Pakistan
+92 300 0994979

Arcadian Cafe

Arcadian Cafe is one of most hygienic and famous cafe for food. But when it comes on fresh juices, They also provide most fresh and hygienic juice.

28 K Gulberg 2 (Opposite Mobilink House - In Mini Market), Lahore, Pakistan-54000
04235817722-3, 0321-9555400

Options Coffee & More

Options restaurant is an excellent family Eatery with lovely inside. Individuals who go there once, need to go again in view of their surroundings. Be that as it may, not just is their eatery best their coffeehouse is likewise best. Their shakes and espresso are likewise excessively yum. You can get the best shake in the town in exceptionally sensible cost. The best thing is their live kitchen for their clients. Clients can without much of a stretch judge that they are utilizing hygienic sustenance and take think about cleanness.

Garden Heights Plaza, 8 - Aibak Block, New Garden Town, Lahore
+92 42 35941908

Iceland juices and Dry Fruits

Iceland juices and dry fruits make sure that you are having the fresh and full hygienic fruit. Iceland is the best place you can try in summers. They will make your summer chill and make you feel like out of the world. Iceland juices are not just juicy; they are so reasonable and fresh as well. Sometimes people are worried about having the juice that is it hygienic or not? Then stop worrying about hygienic fruits and try this place at least once.

140-H, DHA, Lahore, Pakistan-54500
+92 302 8487850

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