Pakistan’s First High Luxury Bus Service

Pakistan’s First High Luxury Bus Service

Is it accurate to say that you are worn out on the same old transport benefits that never give enough room to breathe, have normal nourishment and make driving a repetitive affair regardless of the fact that you’re willing to spend more for solace?  The arrangement you hunger for is here, in case if you’re traveling between Lahore and Islamabad.

Recently pictures of a luxury bus service went viral all over social media by some authentic Facebook accounts and few of people really experienced it. The new luxury bus service is called Q Connect. The company will be using Volvo’s brand new high end luxurious buses to take passengers from Lahore to Islamabad and vice versa.


Q Connect – Pakistan’s First ever Luxury Bus Service from Lahore to Islamabad with unmatched service and no competition in near future, its like club class in-flight services of world class airline.

The buses have a seating capacity of 21 passengers, which means you have plenty of room space in the compartment. A typical Daewoo bus has around 40 – 45 seats in total. And this going to give tough competition to Daewoo Bus Service, while price is like on higher side and its going to be good if they keep it lower side like under 2000 PKR.

About Q-Connect 

Q Connect is claiming that they are offering the best service in town that cannot be matched by it’s competitive bus services. Every explorer gets an airplane club-class lodge with premium elements which aren’t even accessible through nearby carriers. Q Connect bus cruise premium features are:

  • Only 21 seats on board. Each seat is 24-inch Club Class luxe design with calf support
  • Personal 19-inch entertainment console, for every seat, making your journey full of nonstop entertainment.
  • With satellite TV on-the-go, you will not miss your cricket match or EPL football game or your favorite reality show
  • Always stay connected with office, family and friends. The battery will not die with charging sockets provided in every seat
  • Plug-in power for your tablet and laptop
  • Play your favorite video games
  • Perk up your moods with our hot and cold beverage service
  • Travel nonstop with rest room on board and save precious time
  • Booking a seat is a breeze with Pakistan’s first mobile app

At the moment, the bus service is available for travel between Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Lahore via the motorway M2.


Waiting Lounge areas in Lahore & Islamabad

The waiting area for the bus service is located in Fortress Stadium in Lahore near Hyperstar Store and on Motorway Link Road in Islamabad (close to Faisal movers). The bus service provider will soon launch some tourism packages in collaboration with Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC).


  • Food: Q Connect will treat its customers to free hot meals on board. The meals are prepared fresh and are catered to the taste of our customers.
  • Beverages: Q Connect offers on board tea and coffee services for its valued passengers – a first in bus travel.
  • Lounge: Q Connect Lounge at each terminal is well-equipped with the necessary amenities and iPads for the purpose of web browsing.
  • On Board Entertainment: For the first time in Pakistan, Q Connect introduces LIVE Satellite TV on board for its passengers. Now you will not miss your favorite cricket game or much-awaited drama serial. Passengers will be able to enjoy live TV and a wide range of movies on personal HD Screens provided along with each seat. You can also enjoy nonstop music from our exclusive playlists catering to all genres. The seats are also equipped with mobile chargers and plug in power for your tablet or laptop.You can also play video games with your kids and spend a great time.

Fare, Booking & Cancellation

The bus fare is RS 3,300 one way. You can book/cancel your tickets via phone, email. Q connect is also offering services through applications on Android or iOS. The organization additionally offers ‘Q Connect Miles Rewards’ which can be utilized by individuals to profit free travel. More Information with respect to cancellation strategy, stuff remittance and Q Connect Reward Points is accessible at the site.

Contact Number: 03357777777

Future Development

Q-Connect is still in process of deployment and they will require some time till they start their commercial operations. We hope that they will get into business soon and start offering services at larger scale.

Below images gives you the idea of how comfortable bus interior of the QConnect service.

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