Best Points Where You Can Have Sajji in Lahore

Sajji in Lahore

Sajji is the fundamentally Balochi dish which was famous among Balochi individuals first then it began getting acclaimed among individuals, particularly in Lahoris. These days sajji is the most acclaimed dish however not each spot serve great sajji. Here we made a list of some famous point where you can get best Sajji in Lahore.

At the point when individuals go for having the sajji here and there, they get disillusioned in light of terrible recipe or meat they utilize. Then again now and again they get disappointed from rice. The fact of the matter is from where you can get both things great. Here is the rundown of those eateries:

Balochi Sajji

Balochi Sajji is one of the great and renowned eateries for desi nourishment. Be that as it may, their specialty is their delicious sajji. The way they make the sajji and present it is simply cherished. Indeed, even by simply taking a bite the sajji makes you feel like eat the entire sajji in one nibble. But from this, they offer numerous different sustenances as well. In the event that you are a sajji lover other and your companion needs to eat something else then balochi sajji is the best place for it.

Balochi Sajji House Lahore Qaddafi Stadium Resturant

Kashmir Chargha House

Kashmir chargha is likewise renowned for Sajji. The way they give the sajji rice is too great. At times a few spots don’t give rice yet best thing is about them they give rice and the essence of their rice is not simply amazing, this is unexplainable.

8-A, Jail Road, Mazang Chungi, Near Qurtaba Chowk, Lahore, Pakistan

Khalifa Sajji

Khalifa sajji is additionally served one of the best sajji in the town, situated at Garhi Shahu Lahore. The best thing about them is their low costs and yummiest rice they give alongside sajji. The rice includes more taste in the sajji and makes you the more sajji fan.

Main Bazar Garhi Shahu Lahore
0300 4074742


Namak Restaurant is well known for desi food and “Namkeen” (Salty) food.Individuals who don’t like spicy things, dependably like to go there and have a best desi food there. In any case, when it goes ahead Sajji, they give best sajji in Lahore. Generally, individuals who go there, for the most part, need to have a sajji there due to their great. When you take one nibble of sajji, you going to end up their fan.

882-D, Faisal Town, Lahore, 5400 Lahore


Qabail is one of the popular eateries and the eatery has a frontier aste in mood and food. As you enter you are welcomed with the customary drum roll and khattak moving at the front entryway. Qabail Tribes” is a one of its kind Pashtoon eatery presents to you the best Qabaili food and old stories of all Pathan tribesmen. What’s more, in the event that you need to attempt afghani sajji then should go there and attempt their sajji. They serve best afghani Sajji which forces you to go there again and again.

46 A/1 Gulberg 3, Lahore, Pakistan-0054
(042) 35756033

Bundu Khan

Bundu khan is renowned for having the lunch or dinner and breakfast too. It’s a full family eatery however in the event that you truly need to have a lunch and supper then should go there. In any case, Apart from everything their sajji is likewise too great and turn into their clients most sajji and their eatery fan. The best thing about them they serve the sajji with one of the best balochi rice. The essence of their rice and sajji can’t contrast and some other sajji. in the event that you need to attempt balochi taste then should go there.

Hafeez Kardar Rd, Lahore, Pakistan

Shaheen Shinwari

While going towards Shaukat khanum you will see numerous eataries and you can’t choose which diner you ought to attempt this time. At that point there come shaheen shinwari which is full family eatery or where you can run with your companions. The essence of their food and the presentation and the seating range is full conventional which you will like the most,. The best thing about their sajji. Their sajji is too great and the essence of their sajji takes you from out of the world.

920 R1 Shoukat Ali Road Opposite Shaukat Khanum Hospital Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan

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